Quartier Saint-Germain des Prés
To visit Saint Germain des Prés means to delve into one of the most charming districts of Paris. It has a small village atmosphere despite being in the heart of the capital, and is only a few minutes walk away from the Louvre or Orsay museum, the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Luxembourg Gardens, and the Panthéon.

Saint Germain des Prés became a major cultural icon of Parisian life as of the 17th century. To enjoy the full experience you just need to stroll along the Boulevard Saint Germain and imagine Jean-Paul Sartre seated at the Café de Flore, or see in your mind's eye the intellectuals and philosophers of bygone days hastening to the Brasserie Lipp or the jazz cabarets of the district.

Saint Germain is also the perfect example of those narrow streets that seem to bring people from all walks of life a little closer together: students, artists, business people, tourists, etc.

At Saint Germain des Prés, everything is possible and nothing can be refused...