Café Laurent
Welcome to all,
Friends, neighbors, night owls and amateurs of Saint Germain des Prés.

We are pleased to welcome you to this new page that is entirely dedicated to the Café Laurent, its concerts, parties, meetings and anecdotes. Our goal is to have a lively page reflecting your visit, our evenings and your dreams.

For several years now the Café Laurent has been a place to enjoy music whilst maintaining the myth of the crazy years of the Tabou.

Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening from 6.30 pm we receive a trio or a quartet of talented well known or renowned Jazz musicians.

On Wednesdays you faithfully come to discover an upcoming musician.

During the rest of the week you come in large numbers, to sit by the fireplace and enjoy a romantic moment or savour your favorite drink at the bar.

I love this Café, my clients have their habits, their preferences and their requirements.

In our own way we are trying to add another page to the history of the Tabou.